Processes that allow people to partake in local financial affairs

Participatory budgeting

The impact of pork‐barrel capital funding in schools: Evidence from participatory budgeting in NYC (with Michah Rothbart and David Schwegman). Public Budgeting & Finance, forthcoming.

Toward a positive theory of public participation in government: Variations in New York City's participatory budgeting. Public Administration, forthcoming.

London School of Economics’ American Politics and Policy blog

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“Introduction to school participatory budgeting” (with Tina Nabatchi)

Property tax assessment appeals

The role of organized groups in administrative burdens of property taxation. Journal of Behavioral Public Administration, 2021, 4(1).

Property tax assessment appeals in the United States: Overview of patterns and trends.

Community development

Direct public assistance to businesses and its contributions to neighborhood revitalization.

Budget surveys

The effect of BLM protests on individual preferences for local police spending (with Ikhwan Kweon)

Factors that affect state and local fiscal health

Technological change

Technological change and the distribution of local tax revenue across space (with David Agrawal)

Federal aid

How does administrative capacity influence the ability of government organizations to navigate burdensome rules?

Comparing the impact of federal emergency aid at state and local levels

The opioid crisis

Fiscal impacts of the opioid crisis on state and local governments: How big? (with Robert Bifulco)